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The first

The First

Sometimes, we wonder how and why we got here, I in many.

With photography, I think I have always tried to see or recreate that world that I imagined in my youth, that fantasy world that we would all like to be able to live.

With my work, I try to transmit that feeling to the viewer who can enter a different world, who sits for a few moments immersed in another universe and feels it.

Sometimes surreal, sometimes sarcastic or simply trying to convey a feeling that seizes me I treat my works with careful care, I try that each one, when I finish it, transmit what was in my mind, at least when I return to the screen of my computer and I see it after hours of having left it, even days, that feeling, when one sees the image and what it transmits to me at that moment, is what is important to me, that is able to reach the viewer as it comes to him, I guess I do not always I get it, sometimes I do.

Most of the times, when I look through the viewfinder of my camera, the world seems to stop, everything stays still around me and that reality I see differently, transformed into what my mind at that moment makes me see, that moment magical, it's time to press the button, stop the time that instant and take it in my backpack forever.

I have never been good at writing, especially about me, if you visit the "ABOUT" section of my website you will see that I have only put opinions of friends, photographers who have expressed their opinion about my work, I think it is better that others talk about it, I do not know if I would be objective enough with it.

This is the first post of this blog, I also believe, it will be the only one that dedicates to talk about my work, the other contents will be news, some tutorials or "how it was done" of some images.

Thank you for reading, I sincerely hope you enjoy watching my work and for a few moments, in some image, you look beyond and find that world that I try to teach with it

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