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About "Old Times"

About "Old times"

A few days ago, I managed to talk on the phone with an old schoolmate, when we were young we played together, to the peg-top, marbles, soccer, but above all we liked to make our kites fly.

We did not care if it rained, be it at night, during the day, if it was windy, we went out with our comets to fly, to feel that freedom that we want to have, while we shared our fantasies and laughed.

We used to read the same books and discuss the different passages and chapters, talk about them and enjoy the magic of reading.

The boy who flies the kite, the boy who lets out his imagination guided by the fantasy of a book and feels free.

Those old days in BW, where there were no phones, television and we had fun playing with the simplest, some old kites and some books, that made us reach magical places.

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